You survived the first week of the year. For those of you who are still on the resolution wagon, FIGHT ON! For those of you who may be considering rethinking the resolution thing, READ ON!

It may be that your goals need just a little tweaking.

When setting goals, think SMART:


  • The more specific, the better!
  • Break out the "W"s from English class: What do I want to do? Who is involved? Where will it be done? When do I want to complete it by? Why do I want to do it? What are my contraints?


  • How will you track progress?
  • How do you know when you've reached your goal?
  • You can break down the goal into smaller parts to help create movement.

Attainable (achieveable)

  • The whole point of setting goals is to reach it. Too easy and it doesn't feel like an accomplishment. Too hard and we give up.
  • Make sure the goal is juuust riiighttt...


  • Is this goal worth pursuing? Will it get you closer to where you want to go?
  • Does it fit with your values and your dreams?


  • Put a time limit or schedule on your goal <--this will also help with the measurable part
  • It will help with time management and create a sense of urgency and structure
  • Reward yourself for reaching the timed parts of the goal!

Try these tips out and see how more directed your goals become. The clearer the target, the easier it is to hit it. Good luck with your goals, everyone!